Yerba Mate in bags
Enjoy Argentinian?s favorite beverage in the most practical packaging: Yerba Mate in bags with or without envelope.
Yerba Mate in bags Litoral. Teabags
Yerba Mate Litoral
Box with 25 and 50 bags in envelopes, 3 grams each.
Box with 25 and 50 bags without envelopes, 3 grams each.

“Mate Cocido”, as it is commonly known, is a bitter beverage similar to “mate” with the same stimulating and nutritional properties, but softer. It can be sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners, and can be mixed with milk.

Not only is Yerba Mate Litoral a fresh and natural beverage, but also a practical one thanks to its presentation in bags. Now you can enjoy this beverage with the best yerba mate leaves wherever you go. Yerba Mate Litoral in bags, as unique as friendship.

Yerba Mate Litoral in tea bags, with or without envelopes. Choose whichever suits you best!