Educational Institutions' visits to our plant
We appreciate your interest in visiting our production plant. Below we provide information to facilitate your visit planning:
Who can visit our Plant?

Visits to our plant are totally free. Students from Primary 7th grade to Secondary 5th or 6th year can visit it. Please, take into account that children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter our plant.

Description of the visit

A guide will receive the groups at the entry and will accompany them throughout the tour. The visit is on foot and lasts approximately 2 (two) hours. Apart from touring our plant (Distribution Center and Production Areas), an institutional video will be screened. In order not to interfere with the production sector, elevated walkways are used. It is necessary to go up and down stairs.

Number of students

Each group of students may have up to 50 people, among students and companions.

Special cases

Should your group include a student with impaired mobility who should use a wheelchair or crutches, please informs us when you schedule your visit to arrange a special tour for said student, who shall come accompanied by an adult.

Safety regulations

In Cafés La Virginia S.A., we comply with internal safety regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) policies. Hence, we must ensure the safety of people working in our company, our visitors and the bromatological quality of the foodstuff produced. Therefore, should a group fail to comply with any of the following regulations, we will immediately suspend the visit and will reconsider granting permission in the future to said institutional education.


Visits must be reserved as much in advance as possible by phone. To coordinate your visit, firstly check availability in our calendar, and then phone us to book your appointment.

Once the visit is reserved, the week prior to the allocated date, please send by e-mail or fax a list with the students’ and companion’s first names, last names and ID Card numbers. This is important as unregistered people will not be allowed to visit the plant. On the day of the visit, please bring a copy of said list.

View available appointments before booking your visit.




Visiting Hours

Visits are scheduled in the morning from March to December.

There are two turns:

from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.
from 11:0 am to 13:00 pm.

We kindly recommend to be on time.

Due to our internal safety regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) policies, please, bear in mind the following guidelines when visiting our plant:
  • Food, beverages and chewing gum are not allowed in the plant.
  • The use of photo cameras, recording cameras and mobile phones is not allowed.
  • People are not allowed to enter the production sector wearing flip-flops, caps or backpacks.
  • The entrance of people suffering from viral illnesses of the respiratory system with symptoms of cough and sneezing is discouraged.
  • It is not allowed to smoke within the establishment's perimeter.
  • Teachers accompanying a group are responsible for maintaining discipline and compliance with safety regulations.

By arranging a visit to our plant, it is assumed that these regulations have been read and that those in charge of the group are committed to comply with them.

We look forward to your visit!

Location of our plant

Juan Pablo II- 1340 Bis. (Av. Circunvalación service road and J.B.Justo) City of Rosario (Santa Fe Province).