Flavoring Bouillons,
Soups, Sauces and
Flavored Seasoning Mix
Alicante offers a wide range of products so that every day your meals are unique and full of flavor. Flavor your life!
Alicante sauces ready in 3 minutes.

White Sauce: 40g Envelope.
Four Cheese Sauce: 37g Envelope.
Mushrooms Sauce: 35g Envelope.
Corn Sauce: 27g Envelope.
Mustard Sauce: 23g Envelope.
Bacon & Herbs: 24g Envelope.

Alicante Sauces provide a delicious flavor and texture to all your dishes easily and quickly. Ideal for accompanying pasta, pie fillings, rice, vegetables, white and red meat. They are your allies in the kitchen to achieve your favorite flavors in only 3 minutes.