Since 1915, at breakfast, in the evening, after dinner, or just to have a chat, La Virginia has been Argentinians? favorite coffee.
La Virginia Cappuccino is the perfect blend of a great coffee, milk and chocolate.
La Virginia has developed a line of complements to sweeten and flavor your infusions in a practical and delicious way so that you can enjoy them as you wish!
La Virginia Tea firmly believes that our world would be a better place if every day you considered your life a stroll instead of a race.
La Virginia is constantly searching for the best herbs around the world. Now, to feel well is up to you.
Enjoy Argentinian?s favorite beverage in the most practical packaging: Yerba Mate in bags with or without envelope.
Chocolino is the Dash of Chocolate that La Virginia adds to its products for children to make them delicious, chocolaty and super nutritious.
Alicante selects the raw material for its products in the most exotic places providing leading technology in the production process so that its products are a synonym of nature, quality, safety and, above all, the best flavor!
Alicante offers a wide range of products so that every day your meals are unique and full of flavor. Flavor your life!
Giacomo Capelettini is the specialist in capelettinis, mom?s classic ally in the kitchen and children?s favorite meal.