Our Company
A Leading Position
La Virginia initiated in 1915 in some small facilities in the city of Rosario, Argentina, as a family business, but with the drive and decisiveness inherent in large companies.

As from 1940, the company started expanding geographically following a strategic distribution plan consisting in multiplying the number of branches, now located nearly all throughout Argentina.

The company’s firm long-term vision – which is showed in its continuous investment in technology and innovation and in the strengthening of its relationship with its suppliers, customers and employees - has turned that initial, small family business into a leading national company in the country with regional consolidation and global projection.

Technological capacity and focus on customers
La Virginia is constantly investing in cutting-edge equipment and technology, research and development, and improvement of its production processes. Its products are made under GMP Regulations (Good Manufacture Practice).

In an attempt to meet market demands and worldwide trends, Cafés la Virginia S.A. supports its growth by launching new products and updating packaging designs. Through constant research, the company analyzes and studies national as well as international markets to focus on consumers’ new trends and needs. As a result of this policy, La Virginia is today not only a leading brand but also a reliable company for its customers and consumers.

From and to the world
The experience acquired during almost a century of active search at global level for its supply sources, plus strict quality controls, has remarkably contributed to the excellence pursued by the company from the very beginning of the manufacturing process.

La Virginia nowadays has raw material and consumables suppliers in more than 20 countries.

Just like in the internal market, its commercial spirit abroad aims at creating and strengthening long-term partnerships. For such reason, it counts on diverse business formats ranging from representation and distribution agreements at national or regional scale, to two companies of its property in Uruguay, through which its products are distributed.