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Intellectual property
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This site is operated by Cafés La Virginia S.A. All materials and content included in or any other website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by Cafés La Virginia S.A., may be copied, reproduced, published, uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any media, with the sole exception of the User, who has the right of downloading to their personal computer these published content and materials, with no commercial purpose, leaving unchanged all intellectual property notes and information contained. Any change being introduced to these contents and materials is deemed an infringement and violation of Cafés La Virginia S.A. intellectual property rights.


The User will use this site at its own risk. All contents, products and services included and offered in this site are provided “as is”. In spite of our efforts to include complete and precise information, we will not accept any responsibility for omissions and mistakes in the information of the site, its content, products and services offered, nor for any inconvenience caused by third party rights violation.
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La Virginia is not affiliated with sponsors or websites producers with links contained in La Virginia's site, and does not support, represent or takes responsibility for the content of such sites.


Liabilities: limitation
No suggestion or information, written or verbal, obtained directly or indirectly by the User of may give cause to any obligations or liabilities. Cafés La Virginia S.A. will not accept any responsiblity whatsoever for direct, indirect or incidental injury or loss caused to third parties as a consequence of the use of the site, content, products and services offered at the site.
Likewise, Cafés La Virginia S.A. will not accept responsibility for mistakes, omissions, interruption, revenue loss, missing information, on line operations and transmission delays, virus, system error, or for any other kind of loss deriving as a consequence of using the site. This limitation is enforceable notwithstanding claims for damages based on contractual liabilities, based on negligence, also when hypothetically we or our representatives may have behaved with negligence, even to the extent of having been warned or in case of force majeure.


Registration approval
Any benefits resulting from accepting registration of any User will be available only if Cafés La Virginia S.A. has accepted a request. The Company retains the right to refuse a registration petition, and close the petition process, with no justification.


Products and services
Not all products and services offered at may be available for bidding or marketing in all countries, regions and geographical areas.


La Virginia retains the right of interrupting, introducing improvements and changes to products and services offered at this site, at any time and without prior notice. Package design, taste or product presentation may differ from images displayed, and may be modified or interrupted without prior notice.


Cafés La Virginia S.A. appreciates comments from clients and is grateful for your comments on the products, including on line services. It is the policy of Cafés La Virginia S.A. not to accept and consider unsolicited creative ideas, suggestions, inventions or materials. Accordingly, we would appreciate not sending us creative materials of any sort.
However, your comments on our products and services are of value to us and would appreciate being very specific. Should you choose to send creative suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, inventions or other information, in spite of our request not to do so, these will immediately become the property of Cafés La Virginia S.A. and may rightfully be used for any purpose, commercial or not, without giving rise to any rights or claims, inclusive of compensation.


Privacy policy
Cafés La Virginia S.A. will not sell, rent, nor make available to third parties, any personal data provided by site visitors. This information includes name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. Such data will not be used for direct marketing or unsolicited follow up, unless the User is previously informed and has given consent for the use of such information.
Under your consent Cafés La Virginia may use this information to send publications and news materials, emails with newsletters or press releases, shipping of products and prizes, etc.


This site uses standard industry technology to improve the security, accuracy and privacy of any personal information collected by us, as well as all reasonable precautions to protect from loss of information and misuse. Our security and privacy policies are regularly reviewed and updated. Should we decide to change our privacy policies, those changes will be made public in this page and site to ensure that you are always kept informed.


Future contacts
You may be contacted on matters like: site news, promotional information, product delivery for tasting, testing or market research purposes. Should you wish not to be contacted please make sure to select "NO" when filling your registration form. In case of not choosing for any selection options, we will assume that you wish to be contacted. Registered users have the right of requesting to be withdrawn from the e-mail address list at any time.


Tracing technologies ("cookies")
Cafés La Virginia S.A. uses tracing technology with the purpose of obtaining information on the kind of navigator and operating system utilized by the users visiting the site, usage statistics, location information to understand how visitors use the site. Cookies also help to shape the site to each User's needs.


Children and anybody under the age of 18 will require parental consent before sending personal and identifiable information to the site of Cafés La Virginia S.A.
Some links on this site may direct to other sites not governed by this privacy policy. For this reason we recommend you refer to the privacy policy applicable to such other sites. Cafés La Virginia S.A. holds no responsibility for third party site practices.


This agreement will be deemed terminated immediately and without need for prior notice should Cafés La Virginia S.A. conclude that you have not complied with the terms and previsions for this site. Once terminated, you shall proceed to destroy all materials obtained from the site and any other being the property of Cafés La Virginia S.A. and all copies made, albeit under the terms of this agreement or by any other means.
Cafés La Virginia S.A. may bring legal action, civil or criminal, against anybody violating rights protected in this paragraph and any other stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Curriculum Vitae
Any interested party may upload their personal and professional information and details. Publication of such information and details does not create for the Company any obligation to call and interview or pay any attention. Likewise, those choosing to use this media do so and face any result at their sole and entire responsibility.
Should the information or data provided not be true, the User will be held responsible for any related damages.