Giacomo Capelettini is the specialist in capelettinis, mom?s classic ally in the kitchen and children?s favorite meal.
Giacomo Capelettini pasta
Giacomo Capelettini
Beef, Vegetables, Ham and Cheese and Tridicci Flavors: 500g.

Giacomo’s capelettinis have all the qualities of a modern, practical and nutritious meal.

Since they are fortified with vitamins and calcium, their protein balance and nutritional value are higher than those of other pastas. Besides, they are super practical! Moms can cook them in only 16 minutes, and, due to their tortellini shape, children can eat them by themselves.

In addition to making many servings, Giacomo’s cappeletinis are versatile as you can serve this quick and mouthwatering meal in various ways: with butter, cream, different sauces, or as complement to soups or bouillons.

For more than 30 years, Giacomo has been the specialist in capelettinis. I love eating capelettini, and you?