Cappuccino and Mixes
La Virginia Cappuccino is the perfect blend of a great coffee, milk and chocolate.
Instant Cappuccino and Cappuccino light
La Virginia Classic Instant Cappuccino
210 grams jar. 125 and 275 grams Doy Pack. Box of 10 envelopes, 12.5 grams each.

La Virginia Flavored Instant Cappuccino
Vanilla and Hazelnut Flavored. Box of 10 envelopes, 12.5 grams each.

La Virginia Light Cappuccino
100 grans Doy Pack. Box of 10 envelopes, 9 grams each.

For those who love the matchless flavor of Cappuccino and would like to get ready for the summer, La Virginia introduces the only Light Cappuccino in the market. We also offer  two delicious and irresistible varieties of Cappuccino: Hazelnut and Vanilla.

As it gets warmer, keep cool with a tasty Frapuccino. We recommend preparing it with very cold water or milk, and stirring thoroughly. You can also use a blender and mix with milk and ice cubes. Frappuccino! Mmm… so delicious!!! 

You can choose the packaging that suits you best: doypacks, jars or individual sticks.